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What is "Customer Service Management"?
Customer service management is the approach a company takes to present a professional image and to communicate effectively in everyday customer service transactions, as well as in difficult situations. Successful customer service management programs are the means by which companies retain and grow existing clients.

Why is it important?
Studies show that a dissatisfied customer is likely to never buy from that company again — even if it has exactly what they are looking for. When customers are pleased, they’re likely to spend more on a product or service and will call again. If customer service representatives (CSRs) understand their role in the customer relationship, then they will keep customers returning.

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Winning customers is difficult, but keeping them is even harder. The way to customer retention is through exceptional customer service.

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 Strategies for Building Customer Rapport
Regular Price : $109.00 Promo Price : $49.00
In this Strategies to Build Customer Rapport course you will learn the concepts and benefits of superb customer service. Individuals will learn ways of building positive rapport with various types of customers and then apply those skills in activities and exercises throughout the course. To stand out in the global competitive work environment, you need to upgrade your skills to meet increased demands to stand out and to extend the scope of your responsibilities beyond your daily job duties. This COURSE CERTIFICATION will cover today's issues in detail and the new emerging reality. This COURSE CERTIFICATION AWARDED BY INTERNATIONAL SOFT SKILLS INSTITUTE: will will cover today's issues in detail to face new emerging reality and give you an edge to stand out, accelerate your career and business goals, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace in almost any industry. Requirements for Entry: There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students, of all academic/industry backgrounds. This course is on-line self paced interactive learning program- You'll have all the flexibility and benefits of studying from anywhere, anytime, at your own pace whilst we ensure that you are never actually studying alone. Course Content and Delivery: This courses come with downloadable work book*, e-excercise, e-assignment, e-interactive scenarios/case study*, 24/7 Social Media Education support, quizes, course summary and unlimited access*** to e-notes. Facilitator Support: From the day you enroll, we are committed to helping you successfully complete your program. You will have access to facilitator support via email or social media to ensure that you receive constructive feedback and to deal with any question you may have. You are more than welcome to post a question on 'Ask Question' live interactive tool and you will receive the feedback from the course facilitator and/or from our International online E-Learning Community members. Study Hours: The approximate amount of time required to complete the program is 5 hrs. You will have online access for 90 days to finish this course. This is only an approximate study time and is dependant upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies and how well you grasp the learning concepts in the course material. At the end of each course there is an exam that needs to be completed. Assessment Method: Certification is granted for the course by achieving a minimum score of 80% on the certification exam and completion of project work assignments. Students must apply the course knowledge, techniques and methods used in the courses to create a "Scenarios" and submit as part of course certification completion to prove that they can actually apply/do the work. *some courses don't have it, ***some conditions apply.
 What You'll Learn:
What is Extraordinary Customer Service?
How to Define extraordinary service
Who is your customer?
What is the "Moments of truth"
How to be legendary
How to get Return on Service Investments
What is Lifetime value of a customer
How to get Return on extraordinary service
What is the cost of poor service?
How Word-of-mouth behaviour works
Why customers leave
How to implement Seven steps to resolving customer complaints
How to Set Service Standards
How to Build and exceed service standards
How to Assess six categories of service
How to Develop service standards
How to Build Customer Rapport
How to Treat the customer as a unique person
How to Active listen
How to Combine words and tone of voice
How to Match communication style
How to Influence Communication
How to Controll the call
How Inquiry/advocacy model works
How to Say "no" positively
How to Provide explanations
How to Keep Cool When the Customer Is Hot
How to implement Five steps to remaining calm
How to calm an angry customer
What are the Recovery strategies
How to Avoid burnout
Principles of exceptional customer service
and more......
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